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Marble Surface
Bar Spoon 300 mm
  • Bar Spoon 300 mm

    SKU: 364215376135199

    BS300 Dimensions: W30 mm × H300 mm, 30 g / Material: 18-8 Stainless Steel


      Conventional bar spoons have sharp edges along the stem that slow down the speed at which you can stir. And when you are stirring dozens of cocktails a day, this stress can take its toll on your fingers. The stem of the Birdy Bar Spoon has been rounded to soften the edges and reduce friction for a smooth feel.


      On the tail end of the spoon is a convenient strainer, which you can use to drain water after chilling glasses or for a quick lift and stir for highballs or G&Ts. So much more intuitive than the trident. Does anyone even know what that’s for anyway?


      Some of the most creative bartenders in the world are left-handed, so we thought it only right to make our own twist on the original. The left-hand use bar spoon has the same smoothed edges and fantastic feel, but in the opposite direction.


      No Return and Refund.