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How long is it safe for me to keep and consume the cocktails?

Our cocktails should be stored in the fridge straight after purchase and it’s best consumed within 2 weeks from the date of takeaway.


What do I get for my money’s worth?

Delivery on a unicorn followed by a warm towel head massage and a personal butler to stir your drink. NOT! We do however include the perfect cut of ice and vacuum-sealed packaged for you to best savor The Old Man experience in your PJs.


What are the sizes of cocktail available?

Our bottled cocktail offerings are available in 500ml and 1000ml. 


Are all The Old Man cocktails available for takeaway/delivery?

Unfortunately, not so as cocktails that contain dairy, egg whites and coconut have very short shelf-life and hence not advisable for delivery. Moreover, carbonated drinks would just fizzle out before they get to your hand.


Can we decide the time of delivery?

Most certainly. Upon purchase, you’ll be prompted to specify the date and time for which your cocktails will be dropped off. Meaning that orders can be placed even days in advance to your soiree.


What is the minimum order required for delivery?

There is no minimum for your cocktails to be sent to your doorstep. The delivery fee is fixed at S$15 islandwide. 


Fun fact: we are currently working with the coolest bunch of limousine drivers whose livelihood has also been affected by the Covid-19 to get our delightful beverages out to you, albeit, in style.


What is the latest time I can get my cocktail delivered to me?

We take the last orders at 9:30 pm so that your beverages get to you before 10:30 pm. Remember the no-consumption-of-alcohol-in-public-places drinking law? Yes, rules will be rules.


What do I do with the bottles after I’m done?

We at The Old Man support the ‘Go Green’ movement and in playing our part to reduce disposables, we’re throwing in an incentive for our guests to return their bottles. When we’ve opened our doors again, bring back your bottles and your first round of drinks are on us.



“Our bottled cocktail initiative is not a one-time thing. It is something we want to continue in the future. Straddling sustainability with quality is a long-term goal that will push us further and further."

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