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Birdy Bar Tools Collection

A Fusion of Technology & Intelligent Design

Making use of proprietary and industry leading automotive press and polishing technology, Birdy bar tools are the shape of pure design. Starting with the classic 3-piece shaker, the Birdy approach imbues confidence and a sense of style while actually improving the efficiency of this timeless bar tool. Follow this with a mixing tin that, while luxurious and revolutionary, is as efficient as it is durable, and you’ll start to understand why Birdy is changing the way we make drinks.

Erik Lorincz, world-renowned former head bartender at the Savoy Hotel’s American Bar in London, discovered the essence of the Birdy Cocktail Shaker in March 2014. Trained by one of the great masters in Japan and an ambassador of its acclaimed bar culture, Erik fell in love with the shaker the first time he held it in his hands. Now, in complete collaboration with Birdy, Erik has expanded the line to include a double tin, bar spoons, a jigger and strainers, all crafted to please the eye and sit comfortably in the hand.

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