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Bars Unknown

With our passports collecting dust in our drawers, we thought...why not bring a collection of bars from afar to you?

For the next few months, we're collaborating with some of our dearest friends from bars around the world and trying our utmost best to transporting their dedicated experiences to you. In a glass. We hope it does for you, what it does for us, fill up the urge to pack your bags and take off.

1930 Team.png

Part 5: 1930, Milan, Italy

26 April - 02 May 2021


The World’s 50 Best Bar 2020

Milan is not only a fashion hotspot, it’s been the Italian capital of modernist cocktails for a good 20 years.


Although 1930 has all the trappings of a vintage speakeasy — with a secret location, period décor and Jazz Age music — the drinks thought up by Benjamin Cavagna and the team have a distinct futurist bent.


At 1930, you drink like it’s 2030.


Take the Asado, for instance: it’s made with rotovap’d pulled pork spirit, smoked gum syrup, chimichurri crusta and then smoked again with dried meat... Certainly, one Gatsby wouldn’t be familiar with. 1930 is also a bar in a constant state of flux. Each semi-yearly menu focuses on a different part of the world.


To provide a completely immersive experience, the decoration is changed accordingly. It’s now honouring South America and its verdant environs but there’s no telling what the bar will feel, look or taste like next semester

1930 NISEKO.jpeg


Nikka Coffey grain, mushroom syrup, amaro nonino and orange bitters.



Akashi tai sake, red rice syrup, lemon juice and lavender bitters. 

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